Office Tour

The Biondo and Foley Dental Group provides a safe and friendly environment to make our patients comfortable during every phase of their dental visit.

Dental Sterilization Center

At the Biondo and Foley Dental Group, our patient’s safety and comfort always remain our top priority. We are proud to offer the highest quality sterilization techniques available. Our state-of-the-art sterilization center allows us to ultrasonically clean, bag, autoclave/sterilize, and dry instruments in a left to right path so nothing can be cross contaminated. All mechanisms are foot or knee operated and completely hands free. This sterilization center is viewable to our patients for added confidence and peace of mind. Every instrument bag that is used in the sterilization process has an indicator on it to ensure effective and perfect sterilization each and every time. We also participate in a weekly spore-testing program to be sure that our state of the art equipment is always running perfectly and we invite OSHA to our office yearly to do an on-site check all of our techniques and equipment. We are proud to say that the OSHA representative that visited a few months ago mentioned that he was “extremely impressed with BFDG’s diligence, cleanliness and attention to all details.”

State of the Art Dental Imaging

The Biondo and Foley Dental Group is proud to offer the safest, most comfortable imaging available. Radiographic imaging of a patient’s teeth is necessary to allow the doctors to view in between the teeth (where many cavities form) and underneath any existing dental work. It also allows us to evaluate the teeth’s root structures and the health of the jaw bones. We offer both intra and extraoral imaging options, including a digital panoramic machine which allows all teeth and the jaw bones to be imaged extraorally. All images taken in our office are digital. Using the most advanced technologies on the market, the Dexis platinum sensor is able to deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear and highly detailed. Using these advanced technologies, digital xrays are much faster and we are able to reduce patient exposure by 90%. These images instantly appear on the patient monitors to help our patients to have a better understanding of their health and any treatment that may be needed.